Nylon 66 Prime

Grupo Repol

Polydist (UK) Ltd can offer the Dinalon® range of PA66 material, which is the trademark for Grupol Repol thermoplastic compounds based on Polyamide.

It covers a wide range, from the standard first quality grade to customized solutions. These include reinforcements, colour adjustments, impact modifications, flame retardants, lubricated grades and many other options, fulfilling any technical requirements in several sectors, such as automotive, electrical, machinery, agriculture, construction, leisure or furniture…

PA66 A1X25 G30V0-4129 Dinalon 30% GF V0 Halogen Free – Black
PA66 A1S25 C20-4152 Dinalon 20% Carbon Fibre – Black
PA66 A1S25 G25PV0 H-0028 Dinalon 25% Glass Fibre V0 (Phosphorus Based) Heat Stabilized
PA66 A1S25 G30 H-0007 Dinalon 30% Glass Fibre Heat Stabilized – Natural
PA66 A1S25 G30 P-7035 Dinalon 30 Glass Fibre Laser Printable – Grey RAL 7035
PA66 A1X25 G300V0-0031 Dinalon 30% Glass Fibre V0 Halogen free – Natural
PA66 A1X25 G35 HHY-4102 Dinalon 35% Glass Fibre Heat Stabilized Hydrolysis Resistant Black
PA66 A2S25 G10M202 HUV-7267 Dinalon 10% Glass Fibre 20% Mineral Charge Heat Stabilized U
PA66 A1S25 G50 H-0007 Dinalon 50% Glass Fibre Heat Stabilized Natural
PA66 A1S25 G50 H-4101 Dinalon 50% Glass Fibre Heat Stabilised – Black
PA66 A1S25 M402-4160 Dinalon 40% Mineral Charge Black
PA66 A1X25 MI H-0055 Dinalon Mediu Impact Heat Stabilized – Natural
PA66 A2X25 MI H-4109 Dinalon Medium Impact Heat Stabilized – Black
PA66 A3S40-0050 Dinalon Very High Viscosity – Natural
PA66 A1V25-4111 Dinalon Black
PA66 A1X25 V0-4113 Dinalon V0 Halogen Free – Black
PA66 A1X25 V0-0003 Dinalon Vo Halogen Free – Natural
PA66 A1X25 HI-0002 Dinalon High Impact – Natural