About Us

Polydist. The vital link in your Polymer supply chain.

A subsidiary of RAI Group – Dubai (www.rai-uae.com), Polydist Tky is responsible for distribution and marketing of polymers in Turkey. RAI Group is based out of Dubai and has been prominent market leader in polymer – chemicals – petroleum distribution and trading since it’s foundation of 1990. Polydist Tky is a member of Polydist Europe Platform of RAI Group. Polydist Tky works closely with the global leading petrochemical suppliers from the Middle East, Europe, USA, Latin America and Asia.

A major polymer distributor which works with leading manufacturers, Polydist TKY takes pride in its quality of its product and product range. By working closely with polymer manufacturers and customers, we identify each party’s needs and goals, enabling us to add value at each end of the supply chain. Furthermore, we ensure our customers benefit from innovative solutions and services in this sector of plastic raw materials and chemicals.