PP Compounds

Grupo Repol

Polydist (UK) Ltd can offer Dinaplen® PP materials, this  is the trademark for Grupol Repol thermoplastic compounds based on polypropylene, both homopolymer and copolymer.
Repol manufacture a wide range of compounds: fibreglass reinforced, mineral loaded, flame retarded and coloured…

The wide range of modifications available make DINAPLEN® materials extremely useful in a variety of sectors, even replacing higher-cost materials in applications with high technical requirements.

PPC1s10 G10-4137 Dinaplen
PPC1S15 G40-0007 Dinaplen
PPC1S15 G30-0007 Dinaplen
PPC1S15 G30-4137 Dinaplen
PPC1S07 G10-0007 Dinaplen
PPC1S07 G20-0007 Dinaplen 1.04
PPC1S07 G40-4137 Dinaplen