Grupo Repol

Polydist (UK) Ltd can offer Dinatron®PPS, which is the trademark for the Grupo Repol thermoplastic compounds based on PPS.

Standard grades are fiber glass or fiber and mineral charge reinforced, although even more specific grades may be supplied on-demand. Dinatron compunds are mainly used in the electric and electronic sector (switches, connectors, casings, supports) as well as in automotive (alternators, steering column, brakes).

Key features are as follows:

Mechanical resistance and rigidity
High operating temperature (+200º)
Abrasion and wear resistance
Resistance against deformations at high temperature (creep).
Dimensional stability
Chemical resistance

PPS G40-0163 Dinatron – / –
PPS G40-4205 Dinatron – / –
PPS GM65-0146 Dinatron – / –
PPS GM65-4205 Dinatron – / –